Middle Grades Design Team Home Page

Currently about 80 Healey School students are enrolled in the Middle grades, 7th and 8th grade.
The Middle Grades Design Team, comprised of parents, teachers, and administration meet each month with
Principal DeFalco. All Healey Parents are welcome.
Our core areas of focus: ( (1) academic rigor,
(2) social/community, (3) climate/class environment.

Recently, we conducted an online webinar, "Learn about the Healey School Middle Grades"
"Learn about the Healey School Middle Grades" webinar.
It is about 38 minutes, (33 mb) and includesa couple of quick video clips of students at the end of the webinar. The format is WMV,
Windows Media.

Mac users can use Flip4Mac to view it.

You can download the recorded webinar (.WMV) here:
files.me.com/quantumvr/ woaquh