Extensions are activities for students who have already mastered the topic currently being covered in class.


  • Students who have mastered concepts can deepen their learning and avoid the frustration of boredom.
  • Teachers can focus their attention more fruitfully on the main lesson and on providing extra support to students having difficulty.
  • Such differentiated instruction has been shown to benefit all students.

Extension Development Process

  1. Parent developers will confer with teachers in regard to topic needs.
  2. Parent developers will develop a first draft.
  3. Teachers will provide constructive feedback.
  4. Parent developers will make improvements.
  5. Teachers will pilot test the improved extension with several students.
  6. Based on pilot test, teachers will confer with parent developers to determine the following:
    • Whether the extension is generally worthwhile
    • What changes are needed, if any
    • Is it targeting students at the correct level
    • What similar extensions might be valuable to create.
  7. When extension is deemed a success, it will be posted below for all to use.

Extension List

Please provide both PDF's (for readability regardless of computer setup) and Word Files (to enable changes in the future)