Friends of Healey Non-Profit
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It's All of Us!

  • All parents and guardians
  • All teachers and staff
  • All Healey administrators

What It Does

  • Provides a forum at the Healey Community Meeting for collaboration across all parents, teachers, and staff
  • Solicits community feedback on current/planned initiatives or other topics of concern
  • Conducts formal or informal polls of Healey Community perspectives on Healey Action Team proposals and other relevant topics
  • Makes results of polls/discussions available to the School Site Council for consideration along with related proposals
  • Provides community forum for input to Friends of Healey Non-Profit
  • Coordinates parent participation on Action Teams
  • Coordinates parent representation on teacher and administrator hiring committees

Who Can Participate

  • Any parent/guardian, teacher, administrator, or staff member

How to Join

  • You don't have to join -- all parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and staff members are automatically members

Community Meeting Materials

10-9-2012 Community Meeting

11-13-2012 Community Meeting

12-11-2012 Community Meeting

1-8-2012 Community Meeting

3-12-2013 Community Meeting

4-4-2013 Community Meeting

5-7-2013 Community Meeting