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Upcoming Meeting Dates

All meetings 4:00PM to 5:30PM
  • Thursday, Jan 6
  • Tuesday, Jan 11
  • Thursday, Jan 20

Agenda for Upcoming Meetings

For Thursday December 9th at 4:00-5:30 PM in Mr. Stephano's Room (3rd Floor near Library)

Research Assistance and Searching

Research Assistance
Click here for the Education Research Information Clearinghouse (ERIC) website to search for research articles


Minutes from 2/3/2010 Healey Coucil Meeting
Minutes for Healey Council 12/14 Meeting
Minutes for Healey Council 12/9 meeting --
Minutes from 12/02 meeting updated with core values data --

HSC Minutes 11-23-10.doc


M101 -- How the Healey Council Votes --

M102 -- Core Values Validation and Next Steps --

Final Working Group Process is Detailed in this Video

It is recommended that every Working Group member view the video and print out a copy of the process.

Working Group Meeting Template

Recommendations from the Healey Council about the Old Proposal (see below):

Todays' Proposal (November 18th) was generally agreed upon but several concerns were raised. We agreed that any framework we come up with will be part engineering, part art. Perhaps the most important concern was that the full Healey Council should give an okay to explore an idea BEFORE groups begin their extensive study of an issue.

Will has decided to make one more quick fix of the process diagram so that the Healey Council members will be able to accurately "educate" their new members on how the process is intended to work (more or less). That will be done tomorrow.

We agreed we would have a decision-making page and you can get to that below

Click here to get to our new Decision-Making Discussion Page.

Old Proposal (The one presented at the Thursday November 18th Meeting:

The Organizing Team has created a proposed Process and Final-Product Template to be used to help the working groups be effective, efficient, and timely.

We have heard from you (the Healey Council) that we need to move quickly to have some shining success stories to tell. For that to happen, we need to have a process that embodies the best ideals of progressive education, enabling stakeholder empowerment, utilizing evidence-based decision-making, and just moving quickly.

We have created a narrated presentation that explains both the PROCESS that the working groups will use and the PRODUCT they will aim to create.

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