What It Does

  • Formulate School Improvement Plan and Healey Unification Implementation Plan
  • Initiate Healey Action Teams on topics covered in the Plans
  • Consider proposals from Healey Action Teams and related community feedback
  • Vote to approve Healey Action Team proposals or send back for further work
  • Recommend items for inclusion in school budget
  • Function as Steering Committee in meetings with School Committee/District

Who Can Participate

Voting Members:
  • Principal
  • Elected representatives of faculty, parents/guardians, and
  • Representatives of Somerville community organizations, appointed by Principal

  • Meetings are generally open to all to participate in discussions

How to Join

Respond to request for School Site Council candidates (usually in the fall)


Listed below is information regarding proposals that will be voted on by site council.

3rd and 4th grade off-site learning proposal

Red Gate Farm Videos


This document is the school improvement plan that outlines goals to guide improvements efforts. Included are goals around student achievement, unification implementation, parent engagement and community involvement. This plan was developed by parents and staff and is overseen by the school site council.

2012-2013 Meeting Materials

9-12-2012 SSC Meeting

10-3-2012 SSC Meeting

10-25-2012 SSC New Member Ramp-Up

10-31-2012 SSC Meeting

11-15-2012 SSC Meeting

12-5-2012 SSC Meeting

1-16-2013 SSC Meeting

2-13-2014 SSC Meeting