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About Healey Action Teams

"Healey Action Team" is a new term we are trying out to mean any small group of teachers/staff and/or parents/guardians working together on a specific topic to research, design, or implement improvements, events, or publications for the Healey School. Whether the groups of people got started through the Friends of Healey or the School Site Council or the PTA or just sprang up on their own, if they include people working together to do something for the Healey School, they are an action team.

The important thing about Action Teams (or whatever we eventually end up calling them) is that when they get to the point of being ready to recommend doing something, they need to bring their work and ideas to the full Friends of Healey Community Meeting to share and hear feedback. Then, after that, they can refine their recommendations based on the feedback received and then get confirmation to go ahead either from the Principal, or from the Healey School Site Council.

What They Do

  • Research or study best practices for implementing instructional or community improvements
  • Define proposals for how to implement improvements
  • Execute proposals approved by Administration or School Site Council
  • Plan and manage events
  • Design and produce publications
  • Support assessment and continuous improvement of implemented practices and programs

Who Can Participate

  • Any parent/guardian, teacher, administrator, or staff member
  • All teams are open to the entire Healey Community

How to Join a Healey Action Team

  • Contact the Team Coordinator
  • Contact Healey Administration
  • Contact Friends of Healey Chairs
  • Contact the School Site Council Chairs

Healey Action Team Pages

Each Healey Action Team can have a page on the Healey website where they can share current status and work, archive their work products and resources for future use, and conduct online discussions as they collaborate on issues and challenges.