How a Wiki Works

A wiki is a collaborative workspace where you can participate as an active member by:
  • Reading what others have written, Seeing what others are showing, Viewing the Calendar for important meetings, etc.
  • Writing your own thoughts, Sharing what you've seen, including websites, articles, videos, photos, etc.

To Get Started=

The best way to get started is to jump in and do stuff. Don't be afraid, you can't break it. Wikipedia is a wiki.


How to Navigate Around a Wiki=

Use the panel at the left to go to the main pages of this wiki.




You can see the tabs toward the top of this page, or the top of any page. Each tab has a separate purpose.

  • PAGE TAB: The PAGE Tab is used to present information and can be edited by anyone, including you.

  • EDIT TAB:Use the EDIT Tab to edit a Page.
    • PRACTICE THIS NOW: I'm serious. Edit the words on the line below by replacing the name below with your name:
    • The smartest, best looking, most powerful person ever to edit this wiki is: Jean Millette Hah!!!
    • Remember, you'll need to click on the Edit Tab above...
    • Note: You will need to register once with Wikispaces, but no worries, they are good people...

  • HISTORY TAB: Use the HISTORY Tab to see who has edited this page before you, and specifically to find out who used to be the smartest, best looking...

  • DISCUSSION TAB:Use this to Post something you'd like to share.
    • PRACTICE THIS NOW: Click on the DISCUSSION Tab above and leave a note in a Post...

  • NOTIFY ME TAB:Use the NOTIFY ME Tab to be notified if there are any changes on this page...
    • DON'T PRACTICE THIS NOW: Or you will soon find out who will surpass you in brains, beauty, and power.


Coming Soon Maybe: A Video Introduction to this Wiki=

Stay tuned...