January 2013

Hello Staff, Friends, and Families of the Healey Community,

Three years ago, the Somerville School Committee, with the support of many members of the Healey Community, made the decision to unify the Healey by merging multiple programs into one school. This was followed by much time spent planning for and implementing the unification plan. Although I was not present for this process, every day I am shown the passion and purposefulness that went into this decision, planning, and work. Parents, faculty, and students envisioned a school that would embody a sense of community and that would give opportunities for students to learn in a progressive, student-centered environment.

Last month, at the December 5th meeting, the Healey Site Council, had a discussion around the question, "Culturally, where are we as a unified school?" This is an important discussion that looks at unification through a cultural lens, going beyond the elements of the plan itself, to examine the significant role of diversity in the unification process. I am excited about moving forward with our work that embraces such diversity, to build a stronger Healey.

Jill Geiser