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Healey Council Agenda

Today we used the follwing agenda:

Look at the New York Times

Go check out

This is a block quote from some other source that I am going to attribute later.

This is an external link to Google.
This is an internal link to the the home page page.
This is an internal link to a page that doesn't exist.

This is Chile's Page really.

No, this is Steve Stephano's Page.

Click here to go to the New York Times.

Click here to go to the Structures and Operations Working Group Page.

Click here to go to the Parent/Teacher/Student page

Click here to find:

Click here to find the best restaurant in Somerville

Best punk comics in DaVille.

**Click here to find the sexiest, smartest educators in the world**

Looking at the Website with the Healey Council Folks

  1. Laura
  2. Mariann
  3. Steve

Click here to go to the New York Times

Who is the Healey Council?

Loading a file:

Demo of the Healey Website...=

  1. Michael
  2. Rachel
  3. Sofia
  4. Mica wanted to come, but had technical difficulties

Click here for the New York Times

Today it is snowing. Will tomorrow be another snow day?

Wikis can be used in a progressive school.

This is a test of an external link.