Why Use a Wiki?

What Healey Community Members want:

In talking with members of the Healey Community, SOME people don’t want to deal with technology—SOME are requesting more technology, including online meetings and conference calls so that more people can be involved. This wiki is being utilized as JUST ONE method of communication.


Our Communication TRUST Principles

  • T = Transparency (So everyone can see what's going on)
  • R = Redundancy (Multiple communications through multiple channels)
  • U = Universality (So everyone can be joined in the network of communication and inquiry)
  • S = Stakeholder Empowerment (so parents, teachers, staff, students, and community partners can have a voice)
  • T = Timeliness (Provide the information in a manner that is timely)

Using this Technology as only ONE Method of Communication

In keeping with our communication TRUST Principles, we will utilize this technology AND use the old fashioned methods as well---things like backpacks, reaching out through the room parents, standing in front of the school handing out flyers, using school events to communicate, parent coffees, teacher-parent interactions, etc.

Benefits of the Wiki Technology

  1. Enables everyone to view the activity of the unification process.
  2. Enables everyone to have a voice and get involved in the unification process.
  3. Enables busy parents, teachers, students, and administrators to engage in Healey business when their schedules allow.
  4. Enables those who are intimidated working in public or in groups to express their voices more easily.
  5. Enables those who are intimidated speaking in groups of people demographically different from themselves to express their voices more easily.
  6. Enables a wider group of parents, teachers, and students to get involved in the work of the Healey.
  7. Enables participants who speak different languages to speak to each other without human translators being required.
  8. Makes it less likely that a small unrepresentative sample of our community makes or influences all/most of the decisions.
  9. Overcomes the bottleneck problem where information does not get disseminated to a centralized website because it is simply too much work for one or a few people to keep up with the demand.
  10. Enables the community to feel empowered to speak out, share views, etc. Such empowerment has subsequent benefits:
    • Better ability to understand each others' views.
    • Fewer offline gripe sessions that undermine school morale.
    • More opportunities to collaborate and share enthusiasms.
    • Better ability to coordinate actions.
    • More visibility regarding the issues of importance to parents, teachers, and students.

Wikis are Being Used Worldwide to Help Children Learn

  • Learn more about how wikis are being used in the classroom to support cooperative learning, constructivist learning, research skills, writing skills